About Us

Iyan Aromatics

Modern day perfumery inspired by the principles of ancient authentic form of aromas.

The name iyan means era but as we define Iyan, it is a timeless reflection of wordless self expression and sophistication. Iyan Aromatics is a perfumery aspiring to become the one stop destination for all your aromatic needs, as and when your personality requires. Each fragrance presented by Iyan is a unique blend of all the natural substances bought together to reflect the most pleasing odours. Let your personality speak for itself with Iyan.

The founders of Iyan Aromatics, being a genuine perfume enthusiasts, wished to bring rare fragrances in their most original form available to masses in the most fashionable manner and reasonable prices.

Iyan Aromatics is aimed at bringing back the authenticity of fragrances in life of individuals and the righteous use of attars on a daily basis. Iyan aims at giving attars the same pedestal as they had in ancient times. Opposing the modern day trend of perfumes, Iyan promotes Attars as the daily use premium fragrances.

Attars are overly underrated in this modern world of all fancy things. Although, fragrances, initially, originated in form of fragrance oils, which were later named to be called Attars. For centuries, all the prominent entities enhanced the use of attars in their life because of all the enriched benefits of attars and their wide scope of uses.

Today, attars are often confused with essential oils, although attars are a form of essential oils but persists a wider parameter. At Iyan Aromatics, we highly invigorate Attars because of all its native benefits. Iyan wishes to share the unpopular facts about Attars with you.

Iyan Aromatics is a long trusted perfumery set forth on the path of bringing back the age-old ancestry of authentic royal fragrances in such modernised versions that the aromas so curated become the perfect scents to by worn by anyone, at any time and occasion. Iyan’s each fragrance is a unique blend of all natural ingredients. The scents which are truly the wordless self-expression of your sophistication.