Privacy Policy

Iyan Aromatics values the privacy of all users visiting this website. This Privacy Policy outlines how your data is collected and utilized by Iyan Aromatics on this platform. As a visitor or customer of this site, it is advised to carefully review this Privacy Policy. By utilizing this website and accessing the services offered, you are consenting to share essential data necessary for product/service acquisition, and thus, authorizing Iyan Aromatics and its affiliated agents to collect and use your data as stipulated in this Privacy Policy.

Information Collection

In the registration process on this site, Iyan Aromatics may gather personally identifiable data from users. The information that may be collected includes:

  • Name: Both First Name and Last Name.
  • Email Address: Primary and alternate email addresses.
  • Contact Details: Mobile phone number, postal address, and postal code.
  • Demographic Profile: Additional details to profile demographics.
  • Browsing Information: Data about pages visited, accessed links, and frequency of site access.

It is important for users to be aware of the information being collected and how it will be utilized by Iyan Aromatics and its associated agents.